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Seeing your medical records in the NHS App

Seeing your medical records in the NHS App From 31st October 2023, anyone aged 16 or over using the NHS App can see any new information relating to their healthcare. This also applies to those using the NHS login system through the NHS website or any other online access system, such as that we use … Continued

Shared Care Agreements

Shared Care Agreements From 1st October 2023, will no longer accept new Shared Care agreements. This decision has been made jointly with our neighbouring practices in and Primary Care Networks. We have been receiving a growing number of requests from an increasingly large number of providers. These requests place an increasing amount of work on … Continued

Medical Advice when outside of the country

Medical Advice when outside of the country If you are travelling abroad, please be aware that we cannot provide medical advice when people are outside of the country. This is because NHS General Practitioners are not legally indemnified to provide medical advice to anyone outside the country. If you need medical assistance when away, you … Continued

Zero Tolerance

Zero Tolerance The NHS Zero Tolerance policy says all staff must be able to do their job without abuse or violence. We fully support this policy at . Our staff work hard to provide patients with the best quality care and must be treated with respect and dignity. Any behaviour, verbal or physical, which causes … Continued

Shared care agreements

Shared care agreements Shared care agreements are where the prescribing of a specialist medication, which has been initiated by a specialist, is taken on by GPs for the convenience of patients. This can only take place once the medication dose is stable. The legal responsibility for prescribing lies with the doctor who signs the prescription, … Continued

Requests for examinations and investigations

Policy for requests for bloods, examination or investigation by private providers for patients who are not under shared care  We cannot undertake blood tests as part of monitoring for ongoing care or a prescription from a private provider. This is the responsibility of the prescriber.  If there has been a discrete episode of care from … Continued

Submitting Samples

If you have been asked to submit a sample, please follow the steps below to ensure your test is able to be carried out efficiently and accurately. We can only accept samples if they are in the correct bottles issued by the Practice. Bottles can be collected from the Reception team and are available at … Continued

Infection Control

It is Jesmond Health Partnership’s policy to encourage the individual responsibility of all staff to participate in the prevention and control of infection and to comply with health and safety, COSHH and other legislation applying to the safe provision of health and social care. The organisation supports the principle that infections should be prevented wherever possible … Continued

Great North Care Record

Jesmond Health Partnership is a part of the Great North Care Record. This means we make information we record about you available electronically on the Great North Care Record. Health and care staff from other organisations in the North East and North Cumbria who are involved in your care can then access this information. It … Continued

Patient Complaints Procedure

We aim to provide patients with the best care we can, but there is the chance that we may sometimes fall short of the mark. If you have any compliments, comments, concerns or complaints about our service, we want to hear about it. To find out about our complaints process, who can complain and what to expect by … Continued

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