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Shared care agreements

Shared care agreements are where the prescribing of a specialist medication, which has been initiated by a specialist, is taken on by GPs for the convenience of patients. This can only take place once the medication dose is stable.

The legal responsibility for prescribing lies with the doctor who signs the prescription, but the patient remains under the care of the specialist and should have a review with them at least annually.

If a patient is discharged from the specialist the shared care agreement is no longer in place and the medication cannot be prescribed by the GP.

If we are not in possession of the correct monitoring required for the specialist medication, or we have concerns that the medication is not being taken as directed then we reserve the right to decline to prescribe it. This is to ensure that we maintain safe prescribing for our patients. It is the patient’s responsibility to attend for their monitoring when requested.

If a patient wishes to reduce the dose or stop their medication this needs to be discussed directly with their specialist.

This is in accordance with GMC, NHS England and BMA guidance.


A full version of the policy and an example patient agreement can be viewed and downloaded below.

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