Changes to covid testing: No PCR after positive lateral flow; isolate immediately

From 11th January, you no longer need to take a PCR test after a positive lateral flow (LFD) test.

Instead, you should isolate immediately. This is a temporary measure while COVID-19 rates remain high across the UK. Whilst levels of COVID-19 are high, most people with positive LFD results can be confident that they have COVID-19.

On the sixth and seventh days of your isolation, you should retake lateral flow tests. If both tests are negative, then you can end your isolation.

Remember, you should only take a lateral flow test if you do not have any covid symptoms.

Symptoms include high temperature, a new continuous cough, loss of taste or smell or cold-like symptoms of sore throat and runny nose with the more recent variants.

If you have any of these symptoms, you need to get a PCR test as before.

Getting and Reporting a Lateral Flow test

A rapid lateral flow test is a coronavirus test you do yourself. It shows you the result on a handheld device that comes with the test.

Lateral flow tests are free to order online, either for delivery to your home or collection from a pharmacy.

You may also be able to ask your work, school, college, or university if they have supplies of LFD.

You need to report all lateral flow test results online, both positive and negative. This helps reduce infection rates in your community and protect people at high risk of becoming seriously ill.

This is a temporary measure while cases remain high.

If you have covid symptoms, please get a PCR test before visiting JHP

At a time when covid infection rates are very high and rising, we need tomanage the risk to patients and our staff. We thank you for your patience in helping us do this.

If you or someone you live with has covid symptoms you must get a PCR test as soon as possible before you come to the practice.

Symptoms include cough, temperature, loss of taste or smell, as well as cold-like symptoms such as a runny nose with the newer variants.

Please do not rely on lateral flow tests as they are not sensitive enough if you have symptoms.

You can book a free PCR test here.

We are seeing increases in cases even in people who have been double vaccinated. Being vaccinated reduces your chance of getting covid and being seriously ill, but it does not mean you cannot get covid or pass it on to others.

Getting a booster vaccination gives you additional protection against the more transmissible Omicron variant.

If your PCR test comes back as positive and you do have covid, you can still be seen at the practice.

We would ask patients who do test positive but still need medical help for another issue to send us a request via Salvie. You can discuss your need with a Doctor, and decide if a face-to-face consultation is needed.

If you do need to be seen in person, we will arrange an appointment with you. When visiting the practice you may be asked to wait outside – this is to help reduce the risk to other patients and staff.

Lastly, a reminder that the ‘hands, face, space’ guidance still applies in medical settings. All staff and visitors to the practice should wear a mask or face covering, practice social distance and regularly use hand sanitiser.

Thanks again for your cooperation.

Walk-in jabs at Newcastle Eagles until 6.30pm

Walk-in covid jabs are available at the Newcastle Eagles/Vertu Motors Arena until 6.30 pm today.

First, second and booster jabs are all available and no appointment is necessary.

Vertu Motors Arena

The Newcastle Eagles Community Arena is on Scotswood Road.

A walk through document shows you where to go when you arrive and everything else you need to know.

Getting your Covid Vaccine at Newcastle Eagles: Step by Step. UPDATED 7TH JANUARY 2021