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We Are Open

Meet the Management Team

The Management team are responsible for the day-to-day running of the practice and supporting the Partners and teams to provide patients with the best possible care. Click or tap the avatars to find out how the team offers same-day and acute care and enhanced care for care home residents.

Meet the Advanced Practitioners

Our team of Advanced Practitioners have additional training in their chosen fields. This expertise allows them to assess and treat a broader range of health conditions. Click or tap the avatars to find out how the team offers same-day and acute care and enhanced care for care home residents.

Meet the Nursing Team

We’re here to assess and treat patients with various conditions and needs. We cover everything from changing dressings to carrying out health checks and reviewing patients’ long-term conditions. Find out more about each of the team by following their avatars to the profile pages.

Meet the Doctors

Our team of Doctors is made up of Salaried GPs and Registrars. Our salaried GPs are fully qualified General Practitioners and registered with the Royal College of GPs.  Registrars are qualified Doctors who are in the process of training to become qualified GPs. Each Registrar is supervised by a GP trainer – a fully qualified GP … Continued

Meet the Partners

Dr Davies, Dr Nicholson and Dr Smith are the three partners at Jesmond Health Partnership. Together they are responsible for the running of the practice and meeting the requirement of the NHS contract with GPs. As well as the business side of the practice, all three Partners are available for patient consultations. Dr Davies has … Continued

Our New Normal: The GP Team

Hello, I’m Dr Katie Rinne, one of the GPs at JHP. I joined the practice in April this year when COVID had already meant big changes to how the NHS and general practice operated. On the face of it, a lot is different. But behind that, our job is to be accessible to you as … Continued

Cancer Screening: Why It Is So Important

I’m Dr Sarah Louden, one of the GPs at Jesmond Health Partnership. As General Practitioners, we cover a huge range of medical issues, but throughout our careers, we do extra study, research and gain qualifications to specialise in certain areas. Two of my special interests – cancer and women’s health – have a clear overlap, and … Continued

Two Months with Salvie

FROM WEEKS TO HOURS: HOW WE ARE GIVING PATIENTS EASY ACCESS AND QUICK RESOLUTIONS Hello, I’m Dr Ben Davies, one of the Partners at Jesmond Health Partnership.   Many of you will already know about the big change we made in July this year.  We introduced a new online consultation service – called Salvie – which has made it … Continued

Meet The GPs

Hi, I’m Dr Sarah Nicholson, and I’m one of the partners here at JHP. Along with Dr Ben Davies and Dr Fiona Smith, we’re responsible for the overall running of the practice.