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We will be closed for staff training from 12 pm on Wednesday 19th June. Read more.
We Are Closed

Three quick but important updates for JHP patients.


We are very short-staffed this week due to unforeseen circumstances. Please bear with us.

We are working to get to everyone’s queries as quickly as possible and to prioritise the most urgent needs. This week, it may take us a little longer than usual to get to everyone. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Quicker Options

If you need to reorder a prescription, please use the NHS app – it is the quickest way for you, and it saves us processing time as well.

Please also consider using the NHS App or NHS 111 for self-help advice or considering if a community pharmacist will be able to help you with your issue more quickly.

Thank you for your patience.

Flu Clinics

We have not yet received our flu vaccine supply, so we cannot yet confirm the dates of our flu clinics.

As soon as we have an expected delivery date, we will confirm dates, times and venues for our flu clinics. We will share this information on our website, social media channels and directly to eligible patients.

COVID Boosters

Lastly, a reminder that we will not be giving COVID boosters jabs at the practice.

As with all previous jab campaigns, you will need to book your COVID booster through the NHS website or by calling 119.

For eligibility, read our previous post on Autumn Boosters.

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