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We Are Open

GP practices are here to help you. Over the last 18 months, everyone in the NHS has been working hard to provide a service for patients.

We remain very busy as we catch up from last year and provide flu and covid vaccinations. Your safety and health are our priority.

How are GP practices working now?

All GP practices are open and have been all throughout the pandemic.

However, the approach that many, if not all, GP practices take now is that it is best to communicate with patients first and then decide how best to meet their needs. A face-to-face appointment may not always be necessary or appropriate.

Since introducing Salvie last summer, we have seen up to nine in every ten patient queries can be resolved without the need for a face-to-face appointment.

Triage and Receptionists’ Role

For patients using Salvie, you are able to get directly to a clinician and ask your query. In other cases, patients requests will most likely be triaged – meaning your needs are assessed, and a course of action decided upon. If you need to be seen, we can arrange that.

Reception staff in GP practices play an important role. They are a vital part of the healthcare team and are trained to ask questions to direct you to the best support. That is why you will sometimes be asked about your issue. Everything you say to any member of practice staff is confidential.

Other Clinicians

It is not just Doctors who can diagnose and treat health conditions. At JHP we have Advanced Nurse Practitioners who can assess your health, make a treatment plan and prescribe medication. In our Primary Care Network, we also have Advanced Paramedic Practitioners who provide home visits to our patients and those at our neighbouring practices.

What about Emergencies?

Always dial 999 in a life-threatening emergency. If you need help with minor injuries at any time or urgent care when your GP practice or community pharmacy is closed, visit or dial 111 if you do not have internet access. 

 Where else can I get help? 

 Visit for advice on common symptoms and a list of local services, or speak to your pharmacist first for advice on minor illnesses. Find your nearest:

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