Introducing Salvie

With Salvie you are in charge.

Our new online system is quick, easy to use, convenient and most importantly gets you the help you need when you need it.

  • No more queuing to get through on the phone
  • No two-week wait to be seen
  • No trying to fit an appointment into your diary.

Get help now

Send your first request in minutes

With Salvie – formerly AskMyGP – you choose which doctor to send your message to, how you want them to reply and pick a time that suits you.

  • Quick – get a response usually within a couple of hours, and a same-day appointment if needed. 
  • Personalised – choose a specific Doctor, how and when you want to hear back
  • Send a message in your own time, we’ll reply when the practice is next open.
  • Immediate – no paperwork; sign up and start using it straight away.

You will need to create a new account to use Salvie. You cannot use ‘SystmOne’ login details.

Here’s how it works

Your questions answered

Salvie - formerly AskMyGP - is our new online way to get help, advice and treatment from the doctor of your choice.
You send a secure message via our website, letting us know your issue and how you would like us to get back to you. We will reply quickly and arrange to see you in person if needed.
Any JHP patient, or a carer or parent on their behalf.
No, Salvie is a web-based system, not an app. However, you can add it to your mobile phone home screen with a shortcut, so it will work as an app. You can even get notifications when you receive messages.
Yes, but it’s easy, just enter your name, date of birth, postcode and contact details. You can set up an account and be ready to send a request in minutes.
No, they are separate systems. You will need to create a new account to use Salvie. You cannot use 'SystmOne' login details.
Any Doctor who is working that day, but please be aware that not all Doctors will be available every day. If you’d rather wait for your Doctor to be available, you can see when they are next in.
You can check which Doctors are available at this link.

If you preferred Doctor isn't working, you can send a request to another Doctor, or use the Staff Availability page to see when they will next be in.
You can describe your issue in your own words. There are a few questions to prompt you and the more information you give, the easier it will be for the Doctor. We may send you a message asking for more information if needed.
We will aim to reply as quickly as possible, usually within a few hours. If it’s outside our opening hours, we will get back to you the next working day.
Not quite, they are hosted within the system to keep them secure. You’ll get a notification that a new message is ready for you, just log in to see it.
Yes, the system is secure. All information is held, encrypted, within the NHS’s computer network.
No problem, call the Reception Team and they’ll submit a request for you. It will then go into the same system, so everyone is treated equally.
Each patient needs to have a unique email address, you can easily set up a new email address with many services. You can also specify that you are contacting us on behalf of someone else.
We would encourage patients to use the online system – it will save you time and keep the phone lines free for emergencies or people who can’t access the internet. Other practices using Salvie report that up to 80% of their requests for help are sent online. If you can’t access the internet, please call us on 0191 281 4588. The Reception Team will ask you the same questions you’d be asked online, and submit your request into the system do all patients are treated equally.
In your message, you can say how you’d like us to resolve your issue, and when a Doctor replies you can agree the best path forwards. Typically 1 in 3 patients ask to see a Doctor, but that may not always be necessary. Our approach is Right Person, Right Time, First Time. This means directing your query to the person best suited to resolve it, and by knowing what your query is before we see you, there is time to arrange tests or other preparations before you arrive. We hope this saves patients significant time.
Our ‘Long term Condition’ appointments have not changed. Just call and we will make you an appointment
You can send a request and the Doctor will agree with you the best way to resolve your query. The purpose of this system is to ensure the practice deals with all queries in the most appropriate way possible. If a face to face appointment is needed, we’ll aim to see you that day. Many queries can be resolved through messages or phone calls.
The new system allows you to ask queries regarding medication. However, if you are requesting a repeat prescription, you can use the NHS app or contact us directly on 0191 281 4588.
No. Do not use this system in a life-threatening emergency – contact 999.
Click ‘Forgotten password’ on the home screen and you’ll get an email to reset your password. Your password is secure and not available to anyone at the practice.
Yes, simply choose ‘edit my details’ from the homepage.
Log in, choose ‘any other question’ and explain the situation. Pick ‘Anyone’ to respond, and ‘contact method as ‘Message’, then submit.
Yes, login and click on ‘view past requests’.
All of your information is secure and encrypted within the NHS computer system. If you do want to do this, send a message explaining the situation through the ‘any other question’ method.