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We Are Open

Please bear with us, the practice is extremely busy

We are experiencing an extremely high number of requests from patients at the moment.

Please bear with us, and be aware that it may take longer to get to less urgent queries as we must prioritise helping those who are most unwell.

Other ways to get help

Depending on your needs, you may be able to get a quicker solution elsewhere. Community Pharmacists can offer advice and treatment for common ailments without needing an appointment.

A number of Pharmacies in the North East also offer treatment for urinary tract infections (UTIs) without needing to see a GP first. You can find out more about the pharmacy UTI scheme here.

The NHS App and NHS 111 online both offer symptom checkers, advice and self-help guidance.

The Healthier Together website and app are available to provide support for parents and caregivers who are worried about their children’s health. It contains lots of advice including guidance about when children can return to school or nursery after certain illnesses.

Allow 3 working days for prescriptions

Please remember to allow 3 full working days for us to process your prescription.

For example, if you need your repeat prescription by Friday, please try to order it by the previous Monday.

The quickest and easiest way to reorder your repeat prescription is through the NHS App.

Using the NHS Responsibly

At times of great demand on all parts of the Health Service, it’s important we all continue to use the NHS responsibly.

This may mean that waiting times for services are slightly longer than we would normally expect, but this is to ensure that those who need help most are seen soonest.

It is vital that Accident and Emergency Departments and the 999 service are only ever used at times of life-threatening emergencies.

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