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We Are Open

This week we are having a new telephone system installed at JHP.

We are not expecting any disruption to our phone service, but I wanted to let you know in case we encounter any temporary issues, and to explain why we’re making this change.

You may be aware of the issues we have had with our previous phone system. A particular source of frustration for patients and staff alike was the lack of a queueing system. This caused the line to continue to ring if all the team were on other calls, and at times cut out before we could answer.

The quality of the calls was also inconsistent, and alongside occasional being disconnected mid-call, it was not giving you the standard of service you expect and that we want to provide.

Our new system will remedy those problems with a system to hold your place in the queue until we can answer, and menu options to direct your call to the best person to help you.

Combined with more and more patients choosing to contact us online through Salvie, our digital consultation service, it will be easier for those who need to call us to get through.

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