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We Are Open

Salvie is a new, quick and easy way to access our services.

It’s online and available to patients 24/7, so you don’t need to wait for the practice to be open to ask for help.

You choose which Doctor you would like to help you, and even how and when you want them to reply.

It’s that simple.

No waiting to get through on the phone, no 2-week wait for inconvenient appointments. Just the help you need when you need it.

Getting Started

You can access Salvie through this link, or by tapping the ‘Get Help Now with Salvie’ button on the front page of our website.

This short video – made before the service was renamed to Salvie from Ask my GP – walks you through how it works.

When you visit the site, you’ll need to set up an account – it takes a minute or two and you only need your address, date of birth and contact details.

From there, you can see which Doctors are available and pick who you want to contact. If your preferred GP isn’t working that day, you can see when they will be back, and send a message that day instead.

You can then describe your issue in your own words, and pick how you’d like us to reply. This can be a phone call, secure message or video call. If you know you might not be free to talk at a certain time, add that to your message.

Then click send.

What happens next?

If it’s during our normal working hours, you can expect a reply within minutes. Our average is currently a first response within 8 minutes.

Your Doctor may ask some more questions, either over the phone or through an exchange of messages. If you need to be seen in person, you’ll normally be able to come in that day. In many cases, we’ll be able to resolve your issue without you needing to come to the practice.

On average, we are able to resolve patients’ issues in just over 3 hours. Over 80% of the time it’ll be with your choice of Doctor too.

What else do I need to know?

You can start using Salvie right now – you can get registered and send a request in no time.

There’s a full introduction along with Frequently Asked Questions here, should you want to know more.

Dr Davies has also written some articles covering why we have introduced Salvie, the benefits it brings and the problems it solves. You can find them at the links below.

Introducing Salvie: How it works and your questions answered

Two Months with Salvie: Dr Ben Davies on why we made the change, and the difference it is making to patients.

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