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Fewer people are contacting their GP about potential signs of cancer. At the peak of the COVID-19 in April, there was a 76% drop in the number of people seeking help. 

Identifying potential signs of cancer early is vital to successful treatment. You should contact us If you have any symptoms you’re worried about like a lump, new pain or unusual bleeding.

You can send a message to our Doctors if you are concerned about a new or unexplained symptom.

The best way to do this is through our new system, Salvie. For more, see Introducing Salvie.

You can describe your issue in your own words, choose which Doctor to contact and how you’d like them to respond. They’ll discuss the issue with you, work out a course of action, and usually see you the same day if needed. 

A Regional Campaign 

At Jesmond Health Partnership we are supporting the Northern Cancer Alliance, specialists in cancer care in our region, in their campaign to encourage people to seek advice as soon as possible. 

Angela WoodNorthern Cancer Alliance Secondary Care Clinical Director, said: “During the pandemic, fewer people are talking to their doctors about symptoms of cancer. We understand people have followed guidance to stay at home, but we are worried that people with symptoms or signs that could be cancer, are not getting the care they need.”  

We urge anyone with any symptoms or signs that they are worried about, such as unusual bleeding, a lump, a new unusual pain or a prolonged unexplained symptom to contact their GP or nurse. GP surgeries offer online and telephone consultations so we can talk to people first, agree any further actions to be taken and stop people attending the surgery unnecessarily.  


The area the Northern Cancer Alliance covers has some of the highest incidence and mortality rates for cancer in the country. With a concern that many people with signs or symptoms of cancer may not be getting the care they need, they have chosen to act and we are happy to be supporting them in this important work. 

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