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We Are Open

Many will be aware of the challenges facing Primary Care in England. Recruitment is a particular challenge and, despite our best efforts, this is an ongoing issue. 

In the interim we also have some Locum cover with the potential for this to be longer term. We are about to appoint two highly experienced Advanced Nurse Practitioners (ANPs). ANPs are specialist nurses with additional medical training, and can deal with a range of issues that you previously may have seen a Doctor for, including prescribing medication. 

The plan is that they will be able to address some of the urgent appointment need that we currently cover with GP appointments. If we can do that effectively the hope is to then free up more time for GPs to offer routine appointments. 

Warm Welcomes to: 

Jane Rodger, ANP 
Lesley Ransome, ANP 
Dr Shakoor, General Practitioner 
Vicky Watson, Interim Practice Management Support 

Fond Farewell to: 

Catherine Armitage, Practice Manager, who leaves us after 5 years. We’d like to thank Catherine for all her hard work, and wish her and her family well for the future. 

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