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What is NHS Screening, and how does it work?

What is NHS Screening, and how does it work? The NHS’s screening programme is a way to determine if people have an increased chance of specific health problems. The earlier these signs are detected, the sooner the NHS can offer management and treatment   Who is screening for? It is important to note that screening … Continued

All about NHS Health Checks

All about NHS Health Checks NHS Health Checks are a free, regular check-up of your overall health. Think of it as an MOT for your body. They aim to keep you running smoothly and reduce the chances of problems developing further down the road. Health checks are for people who are generally healthy and well. … Continued

Top Tips for Winter Wellness

Here are our ten top tips for staying safe, healthy, and well this winter. Boost your immunity! Flu and covid vaccines make it easier for your body to protect itself. Two covid jabs and a booster for all adults, and flu shots for more people than ever before.