Frequently asked questions

Holly Medical Group and The Surgery merged in April 2019. You can find the background to how and why it happened in our About Us section.
Under NHS rules, all patients are allocated a named Doctor responsible for their care when they register with a practice. You can ask the reception team who your allocated Doctor is, but they are not the only Doctor you can see.

All patients can book appointments with any of our GPs or Nurse Practitioners. Visit our Meet the Team page to find out about our clinical team.
Appointments are available to all patients at both sites. However, staff work across both surgeries, so the same person may not always be available at the same location.
Yes, there are no current plans to make any changes to the existing service provision.
Yes, there are no current plans to close one or other surgery.

Any substantial changes to how any GP practice operates – changes to services, locations or buildings – have to go through full public consultation and be supported by detailed business plans, so no major changes can ever happen quickly or without public knowledge.
Our Reception Team are specially trained to help direct you to the best person or treatment for your needs, whether it’s a Doctor, Nurse Practitioner or someone else.

Not everyone always needs to see a Doctor, and Reception staff can make sure you see the right person.

You don’t have to give this information if you aren’t comfortable doing so, but the more information you can provide, the better we can help.

If you would rather not discuss your issue in the open waiting room, please ask a member of staff to speak in private.
All our staff are trained on protecting patients’ confidentiality, and it is part of their employment contracts. This covers everything from the storage of medical records to what is said in person or during phone calls.

More information about what information is shared within the NHS can be found on the ‘Data and Privacy’ section of our website.
We’re aware it’s not always possible to get an appointment as soon as you’d like, and we’re sorry that’s the case. We’re actively recruiting Doctors and other clinical staff so we can offer more appointments.

We’ve introduced categories of appointments too, which are designed to help us meet urgent demand and still give patients choice. You can read about that here.

Every day there is also a Doctor ‘on-call’ who is there to offer urgent assessments and appointments for patients who most need to be seen.
We have 4 members of staff answering the phones, but we’re aware at peak times it can be difficult to get through. It’s inevitable we won’t be able to answer every single phone call – we wish we could.

Sometimes staff may be tied up on another call or busy with a patient in reception, or there may be lots of people calling at the same time. We’ll always try to get to people as soon as we can. Our online services are always available for booking routine appointments or repeat prescriptions, as well as our prescription answering machine service.
We welcome patients sharing their thoughts with us – it helps us understand how people view and use the services we offer and helps us see where improvements are needed.

The NHS Friends and Family Test is a feedback method used all across the NHS. You can either complete a form in person or through the our website.