Thank you for your patience, normal service resumed.

We wanted to say thank you for your patience and understanding this week in light of the issues we’ve had with the power cut early in the week, the phone lines being down and a problem with our internet connection.

We appreciate it is inconvenient when you need to contact us or access a service and aren’t able to, so thank you for your patience.

All issues have been rectified, and normal service has now been resumed.

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Making it easier for you to see your medical records

Next month there will be a change in how patients can view their medical records online.

Below we will set out exactly what these changes are, how they benefit both patients and practice staff, and when they will happen.

At this point, it is worth mentioning that these changes are not in any way related to the previously proposed – now paused – changes to the collection of patient data for research and planning purposes. The only person who will have increased access to your medical records due to these changes is you.

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