Online sign-up: Making it easier for new patients


Reception Team Lead

I wanted to let you know about some changes we’ve made recently, based on your feedback.

We know that when you register with a new GP there are a lot of forms to fill out. A lot of information is needed both by the NHS and by us so we can match your records and properly understand your medical history and your needs. 

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Our New Normal: The GP Team

Dr Katie Rinne

Dr Katie Rinne

General Practitioner

Hello, I’m Dr Katie Rinne, one of the GPs at JHP. I joined the practice in April this year when COVID had already meant big changes to how the NHS and general practice operated.

On the face of it, a lot is different. But behind that, our job is to be accessible to you as patients, to give you the care and treatment you need, and make sure your health comes first.

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Our New Normal: The Nursing Team

We all know what a strange year it’s been, and how many parts of our daily lives have changed.

CArol Cullen

Health Care Assistant

For those of you who haven’t been to the practice recently, we thought it might be useful to show you what a visit to JHP is like at the moment.

Yes, a lot has changed – the masks and regular hand sanitising we’re all now used to. But the core of what we do is the same. From the Reception and Admin teams to the Nurses and Doctors, we’re here to help and give you the care you need.

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Closed for Staff Training: Tuesday 12 pm to 6 pm

The practice will be closed tomorrow afternoon (Tuesday 20th October) for staff training.

During this time you can still use our online services to get in touch with us.

Repeat prescriptions can be requested using SystmOnline or the NHS app. Our prescriptions page has full information and instructions.

For other medical issues, you can send a request through Salvie, our online consultation tool. We’ll respond to new messages when we reopen.