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Translators and Interpreters

The NHS is obliged to make all possible efforts to communicate effectively with patients. This requirement includes meeting patients needs in a language other than English.

Reducing communication barriers leads to better and safer diagnoses, prescriptions and combats health inequalities.

All NHS services providers – whether it is us in the practice, a hospital or elsewhere – must provide interpreters at no cost to the patient.

Using professional, impartial interpreters means the service is clear and consistent and removes the burden from other family members.


Accessing Translators and Interpreters

If possible, you should let practice staff know that you need an interpreter and what languages you speak. The practice can then arrange a professional interpreter to help us be able to communicate with you.

InformationNOW have listed several other services that are available, including document translation, face-to-face and phone interpreting and British Sign Language (BSL)


Using NHS 111 in British Sign Language (BSL)

NHS 111 is a free service available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. For patients who use British Sign Language as their first language, NHS 111 offers an interpretation service through the InterpreterNOW app.

Patients can make a video call from their computer, laptop, mobile phone or tablet. An interpreter will make a call to NHS 111 on your behalf. 

Find out more: The NHS 111 British Sign Language (BSL) Service.

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