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More than 9 in 10 Patients Recommend JHP

In our most recent batch of patient feedback, over 92% of patients would recommend us to their friends and family.

Eighty per cent of the 155 patients who took the NHS Friends and Family Test in January 2024 said they would be Extremely Likely to recommend us, with 12.26% Likely to do the same.

What you said

Along with the numbers, we also look at the comments you leave, which always help us understand a bit more about your experiences. Here are a selection of quotes we received last month.

  • First class treatment. Rapid response to request and dealt with on the same day with efficiency and care. Excellent.

We would never expect to receive 100% positive feedback, and we had a few comments about appointments not being available.

If patients need to be seen in person by a Doctor, this will happen. In fact, in most cases, people are able to be seen on the same day.

We are able to do this because often patient issues can be resolved without the need to be seen face to face – either through a conversation, a prescription, self-help or advice, or being directed to another service.

When you send a request through askmyGP, it goes directly to our doctors, who use their skills and knowledge to make a clinical judgement about the best course of action to help you. Our aim is to get you to the right person to help you the first time.

The Friends and Family Test

The test asks people to say how likely they are to recommend an NHS service to their friends and family, based on their most recent experience.

You might receive a text message with a link to give your thoughts after your appointment or fill in a paper form in the practice or wherever you have been seen. You can also complete the Friends and Family form on our website.

The test is used all throughout the NHS to give a consistent indication of how services are viewed by patients.

Other ways to share your feedback

In addition to the Friends and Family test, there are other ways to share your thoughts about your experiences with us.

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