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Prescribing Warmth This Winter

With the clocks having changed and the weather cold and wet, many of us will already have decided to put our heating back on.

Keeping our homes warm and feeling cosy and comfortable also helps keep us healthy as the temperatures outside drop.

If you have asthma or another chronic condition affecting your lungs, a colder home can worsen breathing problems, especially if there are issues like dampness or mold.

For some people, the decision of when to turn the heating on isn’t driven just by comfort or even health.

Help is at hand, with a Newcastle City Council scheme designed to help our most vulnerable residents keep their homes warm, and themselves healthy.

Prescribing Warmth

The Warm Home Prescription Scheme will run from 1st December until 1st March next year.

The aim is to provide people with a grant for their heating costs, making it easier to keep their homes at a healthy temperature.

To be eligible for a Warm Home Prescription, you must:

If you are eligible, you can ask to be referred to the Council’s Energy Services Team. We can ask one of our Social Prescribing Link Workers to refer you.

Other Support

If you are not eligible for a Warm Home Prescription, other support is available.

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