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Stay in touch with messaging in the NHS App

A new update to the NHS App allows Jesmond Health Partnership patients to receive messages from us within the App.

The new messages will be better, safer, and more reliable than regular SMS text messages.

Read on below to learn how it will help patients and practices and the vital step you need to take to get started.

You can use the buttons below to jump to sections – including how to get the NHS App if you haven’t installed it yet.

How it works

Like many smartphone apps, you’ll get a notification when there is a new message to read in the NHS App.

All you need to do is open the App to see it.

A smartphone showing a notification in the NHS App

We can use it to get in touch with you about important updates to your healthcare, like appointments, test results, prescriptions, or updates about accessing NHS services or practice news.

If the messages don’t get read, clinical systems may send a follow-up text to ensure you don’t miss out on any essential information.


There are several clear benefits to both patients and practices.

For patients, you can be sure that the message you receive is genuine as it is delivered directly through the App rather than a text message you might not recognise.

Also, the messages in the App won’t have the same restrictions as SMS text messages, so you’ll be able to receive better quality messages, not limited by a set number of words or characters.

It will also be more reliable – if you have a device with the NHS App installed, you’ll get messages – even if you change your phone number (although we’d always encourage you to keep your contact details up to date – you can do this in the NHS App too).

Receive messages from your surgery in your NHS App, instead of by SMS text or letter.

More secure and more reliable.

Download the NHS App and turn on notifications

For practices, those same benefits apply. The messages patients receive can be more detailed, and the reliable and secure delivery helps us, too.

The NHS spends millions of pounds every year on sending text messages, whereas messages sent through the NHS App won’t cost practices anything. So, potentially big savings can be used elsewhere in improving patients’ care.

Turn on Notifications

If you already have the NHS App installed on your phone, there is only one quick action you need to take – switch on notifications.

It’s simple – just four taps of the screen once you’re in the App.

Watch the short video below or follow these step-by-step instructions.

  • Open the NHS App on your smartphone
  • Tap More in the top right
  • Tap Account and settings
  • Tap Manage notifications
  • Toggle on Send me notifications about new messages

Getting the NHS App

If you haven’t yet got the NHS App, we strongly encourage patients to download it.

The NHS App puts you in control, from ordering repeat prescriptions and booking appointments to getting self-help advice and displaying your vaccination status.

If you are a parent or carer or have someone you look after, you can use it to manage their health, too.

The App is free to install and use and is 100% owned and run by the NHS, so your information is safe.

We’ve created some short video guides about how to get started with the NHS App and how it helps patients and practices.

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