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Let’s Talk Screening: Cervical Screening Awareness Week

Every year, during Cervical Screening Awareness Week Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust raises awareness and shares information about cervical screening (smear tests).

This year’s theme is sharing experiences, but alongside Jo’s Trust we also want to share information, tips and resources that can help make the decision to get screened that bit easier.

Our aim is for every woman or person with a cervix to be able to make an informed decision about their health.  

A big part of this is to share some videos from clinical staff and patients in Gosforth and Jesmond.

In each section below, there are bite-size clips of patient experiences and clinicians answering some common questions about the screening and what happens at your appointment.

Patient Stories

Last year, working with our Primary Care Networks and neighbouring practices, we asked people to share their experiences of cervical screening.

You can hear from Ella and Donna in the videos below.

About Cervical Screening

In the same project, patients shared their questions with us. In the playlist below, Dr Ella Grummitt from Brunton Park offers some answers.

What happens at your appointment

Many people told us that Practice Nurses helped put them at ease. We asked Nurse Wendy Campbell to talk through what to expect at your appointment and how the process can be made as easy and comfortable as possible.

More from Jo’s Cervical Cancer Trust

The Jo’s Trust website also has some fantastic resources, including specific information for people with learning disabilities, trans men and non-binary people, and cervical screening after sexual violence.


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