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Merger Confirmation: What You Need to Know

We are happy to confirm that our application to merge with Avenue Medical Practice has been accepted.

This means from 1st May 2023, the contract to provide primary care services to patients registered with Avenue Medical Practice will pass to the Partners at JHP.

We appreciate everyone’s patience during this time, and are certain the merger will benefit patients.

Here’s what you need to know in the short and medium term.

Locations and Opening times

As we said when we announced the proposed merger, there will be no changes to existing opening times or services provided at any of the three locations that JHP and Avenue operate from.

For clarity, we will refer to the three locations as :

  • 17 Osborne Road / No 17
  • 200 Osborne Road / No 200
  • 5 Osborne Avenue / No 5

Getting help at JHP

The are no changes to the way patients can access our services.

Our phone number (0191 281 4588) and website ( are the same, and we will continue to use askmyGP, our online consultation tool, to provide patients with quick access and fast solutions to their medical issues.

Combined Staff Team

We’re happy to confirm the staff from Avenue that will be joining the JHP team.

Dr Conrad, Dr Swanepoel and Advanced Nurse Practitioner Gill Elder will become part of our clinical team.

Pamela Patterson will join the Management Team, with Helen, Tracy and Judith becoming part of the Admin and Reception Teams.

Our teams have been getting to know each other over the last few months, and once the merger is complete, you may well start to see some of the new team members working at No 17 or No 200.

While the two clinical systems are not yet merged, we are running a dual system so all members of the team at all three locations will have full access to all patient records and will be able to provide you with the care you need.

Timeline for Full Integration

With the contractual merger having been completed, we are now working hard to integrate all other parts of the new, larger practice. This will take place on Wednesday 10th May.

For patients originally registered to JHP, this should be seamless.

We will continue to use askmyGP, and our existing phone number, website address and all other digital channels and contact details will stay the same.

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