Job Vacancies in North Gosforth Primary Care Network

Our neighbouring Primary Care Network – a group of GP practices working together in North Gosforth – have some new and exciting job vacancies.

Open the sections below for information on each role, where to find full details and how to apply:

North Gosforth PCN Vacancies

Social Prescribing Link Worker Vacancy

An exciting opportunity has arisen for an experienced Social Prescribing Link Worker to undertake a new role within North Gosforth Primary Care Network. The role will focus on providing support to elderly patients, particularly those at home.

This Social Prescribing Link Worker (SPLW) role is about getting people to the right person, first time. It’s also about empowering people with skills and resources to be able to take a proactive role in managing their own health and wellbeing. SPLWs play a vital role in connecting people to the many excellent services available to them within the NHS, and in the community. The sheer size and complexity of the NHS means it is not always easy to navigate, or options may be unknown to people. Guiding people through the NHS is a key part of the role.

This role would appeal to a creative problem solver, someone who is able to listen and ask questions to gain a full understanding of a situation, formulate a plan to tackle the issues, and help individuals overcome barriers. The ability to support people through using new digital technologies with guidance and encouragement would be a strong asset.

Full details: NHS Jobs website, refererence A2301-22-6340

Apply by 4th February by email including CV and cover letter.

Advanced Paramedic Practitioner Vacancies

We are actively recruiting for our first 3 Advanced Paramedic Practitioners who will be key to the setting up of a new service we are introducing in North Gosforth.

Working closely with doctors in all 5 of our GP practices, APPs will provide additional, quick response home visits for patients who need to be seen in person, but are unable to visit a surgery. The service will give equal access to primary care for all patients in our area.

This role is at the heart of the aims of Primary Care Networks – to proactively increase general health and well-being and tackle inequalities.

Full details: NHD Jobs website, reference A2301-22-4934

Apply by 4th February by email including CV and cover letter.

Nursing Associate Vacancy

The new role will operate in a dynamic clinical environment, responsible for providing best practice healthcare procedures for patients in our 5 GP surgeries and patients’ own homes. Working in partnership with a Registered Nurse, a Nursing Associate will deliver a safe, high standard of nursing care that promotes health and prevents ill health for our patient population.

You will work with patients at all 5 GP practices in North Gosforth, in collaboration with GPs, Advanced Nurse Practitioners, Practice Nurses, District Nurses and community services.

We are looking for a registered Nursing Associate who has completed their Foundation degree.

You will be expected to work effectively as a part of our wider team, but also be able to independently manage and prioritise your own workload. Prior experience in a Primary Care setting – GP practice, urgent care, or walk-in centre – would be desirable.

Full details: NHS Jobs website, reference A2301-22-7723

Apply by 4th February by email including CV and cover letter.

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