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We Are Open

In all NHS settings, patients and staff must continue to wear a mask or face covering, unless exempt, as well as following other guidance.

Nearly all lockdown restrictions will be lifted on Monday July 19th, on a date dubbed ‘Freedom Day’.

However, this doesn’t mean the pandemic is over, and we all need to continue to act responsibly, especially with the number of Covid cases increasing.

Masks and Face Coverings

The government has said that masks will no longer be legally mandated after July 19th, but NHS policy means we need everyone to continue to wear them when visiting the practice.

This is in line with Public Health England’s guidance on controlling and preventing infection. Wearing masks or face coverings protects other vulnerable patients, as well as our staff and yourself. Keeping everyone safe is our number one priority.

Visiting the Practice

When you come to the practice, please follow the same guidance as you have since the start of the pandemic. That includes:

  • Wearing a mask or face covering at all times, unless you have a genuine exemption.
  • Keeping the 2-metre social distancing.
  • Using hand gel when you arrive and at regular intervals.

Our staff will continue to wear masks and other pieces of personal protective equipment.

We have all had an incredibly tough year and a half, and we want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding. By continuing to act responsibly, we can keep each other safe.

Helping ourselves and others

We need to look after ourselves and others as the lockdown ends. Getting vaccinated, being considerate of others, and looking after our own mental health are the best things we can do.

Get Vaccinated

Everyone over the age of 18 should get vaccinated against Covid as soon as possible. There are numerous pop-ups and drop-ins where you can get vaccinated without needing an appointment. You also don’t need your NHS number or to prove your address or immigration status.

Getting the second vaccine dose – which everyone can do after eight weeks – gives stronger and longer-lasting protection.

If you haven’t had a jab yet, we strongly advise you to. Please encourages others to get vaccinated too. Vaccines are free, safe and available to all adults.

See all of your vaccinations options in Newcastle and Gateshead here.

From July 19th, double-vaccinated people don’t need to quarantine after returning from countries on the government’s ‘amber’ list. And from August 16th, double-jabbed adults won’t have to self-isolate if they have been in contact with someone who tests positive. 

Lockdown lifting Anxiety 

After an extended period of lockdowns and restrictions, it is understandable that we might feel uneasy about going back to normal. 

Hopefully, those feelings will pass, but we shouldn’t ignore them or anything else to do with our mental health.

Talk to friends and family about any worries, take things at your own pace, and be aware of your feelings.

For more tips on dealing with post-lockdown anxiety, visit the NHS website.

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