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We Are Open

Welcome to the latest Patient Newsletter from Jesmond Health Partnership.

In this edition, we’ll bring you up to date with what’s happening at JHP, news you might have missed, and everything else you need to know.

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Latest Covid-19 News

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Staff News

Warm welcomes to….
Carol Dolderson, Clinical Pharmacist
Dave Hall, Operations Manager
Craig Hay, Care Home Lead
Lauren Wood, Care Coordinator

Fond farewells to…
David Dafter, Administrator
Dr Sarah Parry, Foundation Doctor
Katie Ward, Summariser

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Your Feedback and Our Performance

Every month we take a look at the feedback we receive through the ‘NHS Friends and Family Test’.

In the last 12 months, more than 1,400 patients have shared their views with us.

In an exceptionally difficult year for the NHS against the backdrop of the pandemic, we’re proud to say that our average recommendation rate is 96%.

Thank you to everyone for your feedback, understanding, and support in the last year.

96% of patients recommend us. 1,388 of 1,445 patients from in the 12 months from April 2020 to March 2021 were ‘Likely’ or ‘Extremely Likely’ to recommend us to their Friends and Family

Since it was introduced last summer, Salvie has given patients easy access and quick resolutions.

Currently we see 4 in 5 requests from patients come to us through Salvie, averaging 859 every week.

Nine in 10 requests are able to be resolved without patients needing to visit the practice, and within 5 hours on average.

95% of patients have rated the service as Very Good or Good.

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Happy Birthday to us!

April marked the second birthday of Jesmond Health Partnership since we were formed in 2019.

The challenges of our first year centered on joining two practices, systems, surgeries, and sets of staff. Then as we were preparing to celebrate how far we had come, the second year began with a new set of challenges for us, and everyone else around the world.

We’ve all had to make big changes, and we appreciate the patience and understanding patients have shown.

You can catch up on some of the biggest changes at JHP below.

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Changes at JHP

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