Patient information – Digital Dermatology Referral

Late last year a new pathway was set up for digital dermatology referrals, so I wanted to take the time to explain a bit about it.

This process happens when one of the GPs has asked you to come to the practice to have some images taken of your skin condition. We ask you to come to us rather than send photos as a magnified image – called dermoscopy – is needed.

The images are then safely stored in our systems as part of your patient record. They are then sent, along with a written referral from the GP, to a hospital dermatology specialist.

If they decide you need to be seen, they’ll contact you to arrange an appointment.

If they determine no further action is needed, they’ll write to let you know that too.

In both cases, we’ll be informed so you clinical record can be updated.

The video below has all the information you need to know. You can also download a PDF of the referral guide here.

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