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Dr Ben Davies

GP Partner

Your new way to get quick, personalised online medical help

If you called the practice or visited our website in the last week, you will have heard about ‘Salvie’ – our new patient consultation system.

Our approach is about Right Person, Right Time, First Time. This means getting you to the best person to resolve your query as soon as we can and introducing Salvie is the best way to achieve this.

With ‘Salvie’ you’ll be able to contact your chosen Doctor directly through your computer or mobile phone. Here’s how it’s already making a huge difference to patients:

  • Quick – Patients queries are resolved in 75 minutes, on average. 
  • Personalised – 9 in every 10 patient has their issue resolved by their chosen Doctor.
  • Available 24/7 – Send a message in your own time, we’ll reply when the practice is next open
  • Immediate – 75% of all request were sent online on day 1. No paperwork; sign up and start using it straight away.
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What patients are saying

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How Salvie works

On your computer, mobile phone or tablet visit and click on the ‘Get Help Now with Salvie’ icon.

The first time you visit, you’ll need to set up a new account (please note this is not the same as your SystmOne login you may already have).

Just enter your name, contact details and address. There’s no long process or delays. You can send a request straight away.

You can describe your issue or request in your own words and decide who you would like to contact you, how and when. You can see which Doctors are working that day, or when they will be back in.

That’s it. Keep an eye on your messages and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can; usually within an hour or two, or the next working day if it’s the evening or weekend.

Who can use it?

All JHP patients are welcome to use Salvie. If you can use a smartphone, online banking, email or online shopping, you should be able to use the system.

If you are a parent or carer, you can send a request on their behalf. 

If you don’t have access to the internet, you can call Reception, and one of the team will enter a request for you. This means everyone is being treated equally regardless of how they contact us.

The Benefits

Put simply, Salvie will get you a quick response from the clinician of your choice.

  • No 8:15 am rush for the phone lines to open
  • No waiting on hold
  • Send a request in your own time, in your own words
  • Choose who responds and in a way and at a time that suits you
  • No unnecessary trips to the practice
  • Much easier to get through if you do need to call

We believe this new way of accessing help from GPs will make a huge difference to you as patients. When you are unwell, the last thing you want is the added hassle of making calls and fitting appointments into your diary. 

Salvie will solve that, giving you quick, easy and personalised access to the help you need when you need it.

Why change?

The practice recognises that pre-COVID 19, there were frustrations with the appointment system, particularly with the need for patients to queue on the phone before speaking to reception. This disadvantaged people who weren’t able to call at certain times and made continuity of care with a specific clinician difficult.

During the Coronavirus pandemic we made changes; speaking to every patient first, before any face-to-face appointments, which were then based on clinical need. This helped us to greatly reduce footfall in the practice and maintain social distancing, protecting our patients as well as our staff. 

Salvie will allow us to continue protecting patients during the pandemic and is also fit for purpose for the future. 

We have had positive feedback about our current eConsult system, specifically the speed of response and online communication rather than phone calls. But you also found the system overly long and it asked too many questions.

Salvie will keep the benefits of speed and accessibility, whilst adding ease of use.

We are excited to have launched this new system, and really believe Salive will allow us to deliver the  responsive and personalised service patients want.

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