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We Are Closed


Reception Team Lead

The Team would like to say a big thank you for all of the patients who have been kind and caring asking how we are all doing during this difficult time. We greatly appreciate the support and concern from everyone.

We’ve had a lot of feedback about phone issues – we have made changes to our phone system and are hoping that the matter is resolved. We would appreciate any feedback on any future issues as it is hard for us to know when problems occur from the patients’ end.

Based on your feedback, you’ll also notice some changes to the reception desk at 17 Osborne Road. One of the team will always be on desk duty to greet you.

We would also like to thank Francis, who is a medical student currently helping working in reception whilst universities are closed. He has been helping train other medical students in case we needed extra help during COVID-19. I’m pleased to say that Francis has received many patient compliments on his telephone manner.

Thanks also to Newcastle Council for making parking exceptions for staff during COVID-19, it is much appreciated.

Answers to your questions

I wanted to share a few answers to questions we are often asked.

Once we send a prescription electronically to the pharmacy of your choice (within 2 working days) that they are not always able text you and let you know that your medication is ready. Please contact your pharmacy directly if you have any queries regarding this.

Medications can sometimes be sent through at different times during the 2 working day time frame, depending on how we need to process them. Do please check your mediation is correct when you collect it. If you have more than one item, they may have been bagged separately, so best to check.

When requesting medication online it sometimes doesn’t let you select your regular repeat medications. This doesn’t mean that you are not allowed your medication. It is just a failsafe built in so that the GP can check if you need a medication review. If you do require one we will contact you back. You may need to request your medication a different way until this is reset – please call us on 0191 281 4588 if this is the case.

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