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We Are Open

There are a number of public holidays coming up, and we’re also changing our staff training schedule.

Rather than the weekly 1 or 2 hour closures on Thursdays, we’ll be consolidating into afternoon sessions every month or so.

This will mean fewer days that are interrupted by training, and longer blocks for more productive staff training sessions.

Here’s when we’ll be closed over the next few months:

Wednesday 11th, 12-6pm

Friday 10th, Good Friday (All day)
Monday 13th, Easter Monday (All day)

Friday 8th, Bank Holiday (All day)
Thursday 14th, 12-6pm
Monday 25th, Bank Holiday (All day)

You can still book appointments, check results or reorder repeat prescriptions through our online services here.

When we are closed, your first port of call for medical help should be to call 111. You’ll be given advice and booked an appointment nearby if needed.

You should only ever use Accident & Emergency or call 999 in life threatening emergencies.

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