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We Are Closed

We want to let all patients know about an update to our prescription collection policy, and the reasons behind the change.

As of 1st December, all prescriptions requests will only be available for collection from 17 Osborne Road.

If you have previously collected your prescriptions from no.200, you will need to collect them from no.17.

Why are we making this change?

There are two distinct reasons.

Firstly, we are aware there has been some confusion and errors since the merger about where patients’ prescriptions can be collected from, and this new policy aims to make the situation clearer.

Secondly, the ‘on call’ Doctor – who reviews and approves all daily prescriptions – is always be based at no.17, so this change will also increase efficiency as well as accuracy.

Collection from a nominated Pharmacy

All patients also have the option to nominate a pharmacy to have their prescription sent to for collection, if that is more convenient.

This can be done via our online services, if you are registered to use them, or by calling us on 0191 281 4588, visiting us at either no.17 or no.200 or emailing

We thank patients for their understanding.

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