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We Are Open

Since our merger earlier in the year, we’re now working as one practice across two sites.

What this has meant for patients is that their appointments can be now be at either location, depending on the type of appointment, the time and who it is with.

Naturally, if patients were used to going to no.17, then they may not be familiar with no.200, and vice versa. 

For new patients, the signs with the old practice names were making it even more unclear. Some patients have told us they’ve struggled to find their way to their appointments.

That is hopefully now a thing of the past as we’re delighted to say to our brand new Jesmond Health Partnership signs and displays have been fitted.

Both sites now have large prominent signs visibly from Osborne Road, brand new door signs and window displays all proudly showing off our new logo.

The design was created for us by Newcastle-based We Are Decide, with all new branded materials supplied by another local business – Piranha Print on Jesmond Road. A big thank you to both companies.

In the coming weeks and months, we’ll continue to refresh our reception areas, so keep an eye out for new displays and information.

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