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The latest updates and news you need to know about Covid-19.

Spring Boosters

A Spring Boosters campaign has been launched, inviting certain groups of people to book an additional covid vaccination.

The NHS is currently offering the extra protection of another jab to everyone aged 75 or older, all residents of care homes, and anyone aged 12 and above who is immunosuppressed.

All covid vaccination can be booked online or by calling 119.

Getting vaccinated and following safer behaviours – regular hand washing, face coverings, staying at home when unwell – helps protect ourselves and others.

Getting Vaccinated when Pregnant

New research from the University of Oxford highlights the importance of pregnant women getting vaccinated.

Since May 2021, 98% of all pregnant women admitted to hospital with covid have been unvaccinated.

The research shows that unvaccinated pregnant women are two to three times more likely to give birth early, need a caesarean or induction, have a baby stillborn or need neonatal care. 

The results also show that being vaccinated protects pregnant women from severe illness or hospitalisation.

While 92% of the population have had at least one vaccine dose, the rate amongst pregnant women is significantly lower – just 6.8% of pregnant black women are fully vaccinated, and 10.2% of pregnant women in deprived areas.

It is vital for the health of pregnant women and their babies that they do not wait until after giving birth to get vaccinated.

Validation of Overseas Vaccinations

People who have received covid-19 vaccinations in other countries can now have that information validated and added to their NHS record.

To have your vaccination record validated, you must:

  • Have received one of the approved vaccines:
    • AstraZeneca (Vaxzevria)
    • Pfizer/BioNTech (Comirnaty)
    • Johnson & Johnson (Janssen)
    • Moderna (Spikevax)
    • Novavax (Nuvaxovid)
  • Be aged 16 and above
  • Be registered with a GP
  • Be able to attend a face-to-face appointment with photographic proof of your identity and evidence of your overseas vaccination record.

You can make appointments to validate an overseas vaccination through the National Booking System.

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