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We Are Closed

Last month, a programme to offer all schools children aged 12 to 15 a covid vaccine was launched.

The ambition was to offer all children a dose of the vaccine by the October half term. Unfortunately, uptake and coverage of schools have meant this is yet to be achieved. This means that additional routes to get vaccinated will be offered to this age group.

We understand that some people whose children have missed being vaccinated against flu and covid in their schools have been told by the 119 booking service to call their GP.

We are yet to receive any information about how this process will work. We would ask parents and guardians of all well 12-15-year-olds who have not yet been able to get their child vaccinated in school to be patient and await further information.

This specifically applies to 12-15-year-olds who are otherwise fit and healthy. Children in this age bracket with long term conditions or who are clinically vulnerable are being contacted directly by the practice team, so please wait fr us to get in touch.

We will continue to update you with all further changes to both the flu and covid vaccination programmes.

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