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We Are Closed

Yesterday it has been announced that all children aged 12-15 will be offered one dose of the Pfizer vaccine.

Today as part of the Winter plan to tackle covid, people aged 50 and older will be offered a ‘booster’ jab.

We do not currently have any further information about when either of these new programmes will start and would ask patients to check back on our website for updates, rather than calling the practice.

As soon as we have the details, we will of course share them with patients. As. with the original vaccine rollout, patients are advised to wait to be contacted.

Vaccination eligibility

Currently, anyone aged 16 or over can get vaccinated, with appointments and drop-in services available at numerous locations throughout Newcastle.

Children aged 12 to 15 who have a health condition can also get vaccinated, and we have been contacting those patients directly.

We strongly encourage everyone to take up the offer of vaccination as soon as they are able to.

Vaccinations are free, quick, readily available and are the best way to protect yourself, your friends and family and the whole community.

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